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Life is perception!! đź‘€ How YOU see things… we have a positive/negative/ and a neutral mind. Balance is key…too negative, you create pessimism and therefore your creativity suffers. Too positive, although a good trait, can make a person a big dreamer without grounded reality on what could possible go wrong which can hinder success. A neutral mind is so important so you can see things for what they are and make non-reactive, rational, and informed decisions without fear or unrealistic results! So balance is absolutely the key…remember what you see in this world becomes your reality!! You have the power!!! No one is going to give it you!! Therefore, GO GET YOUR LIFE… achieve all your dreams anything you want IS possible!! Your heart and soul would never be so cruel to make you have desires,experiences, and things you don’t have the mental power and energy to achieve!! #lawofattraction #kundaliniyoga #thescienceofgettingrich #NapolianHill #yogibhajan #kundalinienergy #charleston #charlestonsc

 December 12th, 2018  
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Get Unstuck in Life


Stop recreating the same day over and over again! Your energy is ur GOLD! Cherish it and don’t waste it! If u are thinking about what you have to do today, as soon as you wake up…your energy goes to the future (less energy for u in the now) if you start thinking about those who have wronged you…or upset you in the past!! BAM, congratulations you played yourself because the past is now robbing you from the potential energy that you could be harnessing into creating the new life you want to lead today. Start your day off by doing your morning meditation!! This clears ur mind of all of the mental garbage that comes in…without this first step and by having your energy out there in the past and future, how do you expect to achieve new dreams now… with split scattered energy. Your assigning all of those unhealed emotions on people,times of disappointment, and events(past and future)!! 🤷‍♀️ take back your power by putting your focus on the what could I do now that will create the life I want to live now that will spill into my future dream life!! #presentmoment #liveintheNOW #thepowerofNow #charleston #southcarolina #charlestonsc #kundalini #kundalinienergy #yogi Bhajan


 December 11th, 2018  
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How I transformed my body !!!

6ACEDFA9-4C8C-47C4-B088-FF112699E3CBI have learned so much about myself and what is truly possible to achieve and accomplish this year with your mind/body/and spirit. They are a three headed dragon that cannot be separated. They are interconnected and if you neglect one of them the other will suffer and you will feel off balanced. Meditate because miracles will happen. Eat right you will feel more centered and exercise because it’s a moving meditation where you connected with yourself and also become more present and grounded. Thanks @chrishaydenphoto for this beautiful shot! #npcbikini #npc #npcsummerclassic #npceastcoast …….Never ever say you can’t!! If your mind can conceive it…it can achieve it!!! I have always loved fitness but did not know how to eat. I would under eat and my body held on to fat…I was also afraid of carbs…a meal plan…That was the missing link!! I was like a hamster on a wheel for years and years and years!! With a great coach @roblopez34 who changes your meal plan and workouts according to your body, you are guaranteed to be successful!! Don’t give up on what u want to accomplish in your life!! It’s too short to waste!! #getit #fitness #NPCbikini #bikini #abs #muscleegg #carbsaregood #prep #weightlossjourney #fitness #fitnessmotivation #abs #bikinigirl #npc #npcbikini5C61FA7F-5F1F-412C-A26E-970E7F5C76C8 232324BA-3648-49F9-875C-E372B7D72864 E742F5AF-5CDD-401C-ACD2-69A9B7E968D8


Manifesting your Dream Life with the Law of Attraction

UnknownLooking back and being a full time student of manifesting the life of your dreams…I posted a picture of a dress I saw on a model that I thought was adorable. When I saw it I appreciated it, it made me feel good and I thought wow it’s so pretty I want to post it. I never looked at the brand nor ever even looked for it anywhere.Fast forward a year later I was on an Australian site doing some late night shopping and saw this dress for $30! I thought it was cute and bought it without even realizing it was the same dress I thought was adorable a year before. I interviewed @leonardodicaprio and the first thing he said was “wow, great dress!” And I responded, “thank you so much I got it on sale”. I didn’t realize it was the same dress until I posted my interview pictures and looked back my old posts! I was like oh man! This is the law of attraction! U see something!!! U like it!!! U don’t really become obsessed on getting it (if you do you are focusing on the lack of not having it and it’s actually repelling it bc ur focused on the lack of it not being in your life)! So if u want something to manifest…like, love and appreciate it…let it go and let the universe bring it to you. If you’re aligned with it…it must come to you because it is a universal law! #lawofattraction #manifest #thesecret #attract #rosienoesi #npc #lawofattraction #manifest #thesecret #attract #rosienoesi #npc #npcbikini#leonardoDiCaprio #Titanic #xenia #xeniadress



Kambo Changes Your Nervous System

When I first started researching about Kambo I did it because I wanted…

When I first started researching about Kambo I did it because I wanted to start drinking less. I told myself well… if the practitioner is close to me then it’s a sign. I looked it up and Meri was literally a 7 minute drive. I read her reviews and thought to myself “ok, Rosie, you have to do this!” I booked an appointment and when I showed up at her place I was immediately greeted by a warm and kind face. I told her I was nervous and she assured me that everything was going to be ok and I shouldn’t worry. She was very gentle and made me feel comfortable although my insides were freaking out. I got the Kambo on me and threw up in a matter of minutes!

When I first started researching about Kambo I did it because I wanted… copy

It was the worst 10 mins followed by the best feeling I have ever had after a throw up session! A peace came over me that I haven’t felt for a long time. It was magical! I felt a surge of energy and happiness. The days that followed made me feel more and more confident that I made the right choice. I did want to have a cocktail but didn’t really crave having a nightcap anymore. She recommended having Kambo 3 times in 28 days.


When I first started researching about Kambo I did it because I wanted….png

She called it “nature’s vaccine” and that with this I would benefit me bc it works much better than just having one treatment. After the second session, I didn’t drink for two weeks straight and didn’t miss it at all!! The third time was done a week later from my second one and the gains have continued. I have made better choices with food as well as started an exercise program that I have easily stuck to. I loved my results and would do it again in a heartbeat. Meri is wonderful and I am blessed to have worked with her.

When I first started researching about Kambo I did it because I wanted… copy 2


Finally, No More Cellulite!!!


 It is a fact 9 out of 10 women have cellulite. Now, if you are that 1 out of 10 that don’t have it, “Congrats” and never ever invite me to the beach with you. Now for those fighting the good fight with me, lets chat about it. We have tried everything…Creams, gels,wraps and procedures oh my!! Drink a gallon of water daily, do 3 hours of cardio every morning, lift heavy weights, all protein no carbs, only whole grain carbs, hot yoga religiously, the sauna, the steam room, the foam roller, Endermologie, No butter, no oil, no meat, only veggies! I have tried it all and just ended up feeling like a hamster on a wheel.I would have abs,yes, but also with good old side of cellulite on my hips. I just didn’t get it and I was very frustrated, until… I did mesotherapy! Mesotherapy is a technique that was invented in France where injections were put into the mesoderm, which is the layer right under your skin before the muscle, and basically, the medication you inject into the that part of your skin determines your results.The higher quality concoction of drugs, amino acids, and multivitamins the more effective it will be. It was invented by Dr. Michel Pistor in 1964 and originally he did it because he wanted to put pain medication in the area of the pain instead of taking a pill that has to go through your whole body to get the determined area. But later on in the 70s and 80s mesotherapy became more of a beauty treatment in France for Cellulite. It then spread into Europe and then into the South American countries.It came to America but many plastic surgeons didn’t approve of it because it was an alternative to Liposuction which dug into their pockets.They bashed it… and it sort of went away.Except for a select few that still practiced the method.The doctor that I went to is located on Park Ave in NYC and her name is Dr Marion Shapiro. She studied the technique in France and didn’t let those naysayers deter her from realizing women’s beauty goals.if you decide to do it please make sure the person doing it is skilled in the practice because if you don’t get the right amounts and combinations of medicine, it could be disastrous. There are side effects to mesotherapy mostly bruising, but if you go to someone who isn’t a professional you can get an infection or not even know the medications that the are using. She used a gun called a pistor (from France) and it is attached to a tiny superficial needle designed for cellulite and fat. There is a bit of pain involved and for your viewing pleasure I have recorded the procedure and included before and after pictures.

Mesotherapy is a straight up miracle.I have never been severely overweight except for that one time after a breakup where I ate my feelings for a bit. I lost that weight and never looked back. I have always been skinny fat though even at my thinest 104 lbs at 5 feet 2 inches I still had those annoying bumps on my hips and thighs… except after I did a series of mesotherapy. I had 5 sessions and these are the results. I did them once every two weeks 5 times and I swear the fat just melted.I did it before I went on a Mexican vacation with my financè. I cannot stress how great it felt to walk around without feeling self conscious about my thighs. I felt so free to even run around the pool and beach without the angst and fear of cellulite ruining my pictures and or social media posts.


Drugged For Love

radio rosie



I remember being at the radio station doing my morning show when my cohost asked me about my divorce. On air. I wanted to kill him because he knew that it was a touchy subject for me and I was still holding onto the embarrassment, the failure that comes with it. I answered his questions apprehensively while my armpits began to sweat profusely!

That feels like forever ago because I can now discuss it freely without the shame I once had. When I decided to do the show, “Connected,” I had to put it all out there, without holding back, and I certainly did that. When I appear in my first episode, the description of me reads: Rosie Noesi, TV and radio personality, 33, divorced BAM and living with boyfriend BAM!!

Most girls grow up dreaming of their perfect wedding day. Planning every little detail from the dream dress right down to the perfect nail polish color. I even practiced and acted out this perfect dream day using pillowcases as veils and playing house with my neighbors and family members.

The morning that I said, “I do,” I really didn’t have the glitz and glamor people usually experience on their wedding day. No champagne with the bridesmaids, no relaxing and being pampered. Me, being the people pleaser that I am, frantically drove 40 minutes to my hairstylist because she said that I was too out of her way to come to me. She gave me the “Snookie” poof in the front, secured my wedding veil and I was off to my next stop: Blimpie’s to pick up my bridesmaids’ sandwiches.

I went in there with my hair done and veil on and the guy at the counter said, “hey are you getting married today?” I responded, “yes I am!” At that moment he looked at me completely puzzled and said, “don’t you have someone who could have picked these up for you, considering it’s your wedding day?”

I took a second as I let his comment sink in and I responded with the only answer I could muster up. “Who else is going to do it?”

When I got home, I entered the front door and saw myself reflected in the dining room mirror. I screamed at the top of my lungs. My hair looked like a “Jersey Shore” nightmare come true! This completely startled my 12-year-old sister, who looked at me with pure fear in her eyes.

I started tearing apart the poof that I just dished out $260 for and drove 80 minutes round trip to get. A half hour later, I finally felt a calm come over me as I salvaged my debacle of a hairdo. Then much to my surprise, I broke out in uncontrollable tears.

After I wiped the first batch off my face with a tissue, more tears followed. My sister screamed for my mother. Once she got to the bedroom, she took one look at me and burst into tears herself, running from the room.

“Why are you crying?” I am continually asked.

“I don’t know, I don’t know.”

My bridesmaid Amber asked me if I wanted to get married.

“Yes, of course I do. We’ve been together forever.”

My father wanted to know what I needed, and I told him a tequila shot. My parents unanimously said, “No! You can’t go drunk to church.”

My mom finally handed me a glass of water and told me to drink it. I did, and 20 minutes later, I felt a bit calmer. I washed my face and continued on with my day. My makeup artist came over and made me look like the perfect little bride.

I said my vows unknowingly drugged. I found out two weeks later that my mother had slipped me a sedative.

What I didn’t realize at the time is that my inner self was speaking to me. Even though my conscious self didn’t know it wasn’t the best idea to tie the knot, my soul was crying out for help.

Emotions are tiny indicators of what’s going on inside. Most of the time we are so busy making plans and trying to fulfill goals that we miss the little whispers our intuition is trying to give us. When you’re going through a tough situation and feel obligated to continue, you ignore your intuition only to find out later those whispers were right. You say to yourself, “I knew it… I just knew it.”

The answer is, you did know it. You just weren’t aware that you knew it.

We have to learn techniques to tune in and make sense of the messages coming into our lives. When something doesn’t feel 100 percent correct, stop and go into the silence. Meditate. And if you don’t know how, LEARN!

It took me six whole months to meditate for five minutes. I took the hard route and learned to do it myself. Now there are so many ways to start.

Sometimes we are so used to not trusting ourselves that we can’t even hear our soul crying. We end up making choices out of fear. Instead of me questioning the feelings that had arose the day of my wedding day, I just got a Band-Aid (in the form of narcotics) and never dealt with my emotions. When you drink, smoke or take a pill you are ignoring the problem — it doesn’t go away. You just become a problem hoarder.

You’re walking around with a load of problems on your mind that can explode in the most unexpected ways in your life. You miss opportunities because you’re not in the moment. You can’t fully be immersed in the here and now — you aren’t fully living.

Today my choice is to practice happiness. And I’m going to get so freaking good at it, when those emotions come up and throw me off, I’ll use that opportunity to listen really good and hard, then get quiet to make the decision that will continue to keep me in that happy state of mind.

There is no reason to live frozen in life. You have to start to face those scary emotions head on, because if you don’t you will end up trying to survive instead of thrive.


5 Traveling Tips which will keep you Sane

1) Save on Booking Your Flight! Spend Wisely

money picture

When planning your next much needed get away wouldn’t it be nice to save some money on your airfare? Well here is a little tip that you may not know. Domestic flights on Tuesdays and Wednesday’s are less expensive than any other day of the week. Most people are unaware of this little unknown fact and instead opt to travel Friday and Saturday when airfare is at a premium. So instead of giving this money away to the airlines put it in your pocket and spoil yourself. Splurge and treat yourself to a relaxing massage on the beach or a lovely dinner. My fiancĂ© Josh is a sound supervisor on TV shows and his career has him traveling all the time. I try to visit him as much as possible so I am always looking to get the best deal available to me!



When Trigger fingers Really turn into Twitter Fingers

In a world where an opinion can be shared in an instant. Social media has given everyone a voice. Hashtags have brought millions of us together and have tore many others apart. It makes this huge world seem like a community where everyone can speak on any subject, television show, and or event.  Facebook is soon giving us a new luxury in the comment/like section. We will now be allowed to emoji a person’s photo with these (Love, Haha, Wow, Yay, Angry and Sad) instead of have just a like button. Whether it’s parents over-posting their children’s first day of school or people posting their latest doggie pic well now with just one click we now have the new found freedom to take a huge dump on the moment they chose to share with us. I understand where this need to create an option like this derived from, and it’s because everyone who has access to a phone or the internet has gotten into heated arguments online. Everyone from a elementary school level to my grandmother is Yelping ,tweeting, snapping and IGing at people they know and also to complete strangers. Facebook has caught on. As a person who is out there in the media I have caught my own dosage of the “Mean Tweets”. I want to also brag to you that I didn’t even respond… But that would be a big fat Lie.

davids mean tweet 2
david kissing ass
 holly hotdog full
When I was a kid and made a rude comment to another child at school I was faced with the instant consequences of that mean statement. Either the the receiver of the mean comment would end up  getting very upset and I immediately felt terrible about it and  as a result, I learned right away the consequences of my actions. Or … The kid got very mad and you and him/her got into a fight usually involving parents, teachers, or even friends. So the moral of the story is that in the past you had the cause and immediate effect of your verbal communication with another. That’s my generation, I quickly learned that if you don’t have anything nice to say that is uplifting don’t say anything at all. Now with that said, if you see my respond tweets that I wrote after appearing live on HLN’s “The Daily Share” I just couldn’t hold it in and my old school mentality kicked in “I need to confront this person now”!, I thought. After I did they backed down quickly and even became friendly. This taught me a lesson. Wow, these people at home don’t know me. It’s not personal and they are probably bored. Also, I shouldn’t have answered back but the reason I felt  I NEEDED to respond was because of one tiny monster, my ego! My ego was screaming how dare they go there…. I need to nicely let them know they can’t mess with me. But frankly I didn’t. It wasn’t necessary. About a year ago my morning radio show got into a  war with another morning NYC radio show where they thought we stole a bit from them and their fans went after us with nasty tweets and Facebook posts of horrific nature and messages. I was called a “Cum Bucket”… (Didn’t even know that was a word combination that could be used in real life)  A half -breed, I was sent pictures of dead babies with attached messages saying “these are you future children”. Gaping butt-holes of women and men. The Harrasment went on for months! It was my first taste of fame and it was awful! So the takeaway is this stop being an asshole online because you’re bored.The mean tweets and messages  you are putting out there is nasty negative energy and it’s going to come back to you with a vengeance. Just because you didn’t get a rise out of the person you tweet or IG doesn’t mean that you aren’t inviting that kind of behavior into your own life ten-fold.If you spent that energy improving yourself instead of tearing others down the world would be a much better and happier place.

This is How My Feet Make Me Thousands of Dollars

shoe modeling yellowbox

WHAT: Shoe modeling is an amazing way to make extra cash while breaking into the entertainment platform. As a size 6 shoe I never thought that my feet were ever going to make me any money but they do! You see, shoe companies need small feet to showcase their new season’s shoe lines for the buyers that come in to buy the newest stock for their stores.

WHY:The benefits of becoming a shoe model are many. First off, they feed you breakfast and lunch and snacks along the day. The second most convenient part about shoe modeling is that its only 4 weeks a year so its not all year round giving you plenty of time to take on other projects. Third why its so great because they also let you keep some of the shoe samples that don’t make it into the season’s collection. Free food and shoes!!! SCORE

HOW: The pay is truly amazing. They pay $450 a day from 9-5. If you are needed before 9am or after 5pm you get $75 overtime per hour and sometimes I end up taking home $550 a day. I usually work a 4 day work week and the take home pay is $1,500 to $1,800 a week.They also reimburse your mani/pedi which is a great perk!

shoe modeling yellowbox 2

TIPS:Well I lucked out because my friend who couldn’t commit to a shoe show and luckily knew that I was a size 6 shoe passed my information onto her shoe modeling agency. Yes, there are shoe modeling agencies, and not even a week later I was sent out on “go sees” (basically auditions for my feet) and the shoe companies checked out if your particular brand fits your feet and ankles correctly.They had you walk with the shoes on and if you fit the description they are asking for and you don’t fall on your face while walking in the shoes, your golden!

Seastarstalent.com is the Agency I belong to.

TIPS: My advice for someone wanting to get into this field is know your brand. They usually have a specific look they want for example, olive skin and long haired girl, all American look, or Urban look. I myself wouldn’t try to go for a gig which doesn’t correlate with my look. Also if your foot is jacked up… shoe modeling is not for you. Its a fun job with many perks so if you are able to break into the industry just enjoy the ride.


I never could have imagined my toes could support me

INVESTMENT: No investment except for the initial manicure pedicure you need for your “Go see” but don’t forget to bring your smile when meeting the shoe companies.