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Kambo Changes Your Nervous System

When I first started researching about Kambo I did it because I wanted…

When I first started researching about Kambo I did it because I wanted to start drinking less. I told myself well… if the practitioner is close to me then it’s a sign. I looked it up and Meri was literally a 7 minute drive. I read her reviews and thought to myself “ok, Rosie, you have to do this!” I booked an appointment and when I showed up at her place I was immediately greeted by a warm and kind face. I told her I was nervous and she assured me that everything was going to be ok and I shouldn’t worry. She was very gentle and made me feel comfortable although my insides were freaking out. I got the Kambo on me and threw up in a matter of minutes!

When I first started researching about Kambo I did it because I wanted… copy

It was the worst 10 mins followed by the best feeling I have ever had after a throw up session! A peace came over me that I haven’t felt for a long time. It was magical! I felt a surge of energy and happiness. The days that followed made me feel more and more confident that I made the right choice. I did want to have a cocktail but didn’t really crave having a nightcap anymore. She recommended having Kambo 3 times in 28 days.


When I first started researching about Kambo I did it because I wanted….png

She called it “nature’s vaccine” and that with this I would benefit me bc it works much better than just having one treatment. After the second session, I didn’t drink for two weeks straight and didn’t miss it at all!! The third time was done a week later from my second one and the gains have continued. I have made better choices with food as well as started an exercise program that I have easily stuck to. I loved my results and would do it again in a heartbeat. Meri is wonderful and I am blessed to have worked with her.

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When Trigger fingers Really turn into Twitter Fingers

In a world where an opinion can be shared in an instant. Social media has given everyone a voice. Hashtags have brought millions of us together and have tore many others apart. It makes this huge world seem like a community where everyone can speak on any subject, television show, and or event.  Facebook is soon giving us a new luxury in the comment/like section. We will now be allowed to emoji a person’s photo with these (Love, Haha, Wow, Yay, Angry and Sad) instead of have just a like button. Whether it’s parents over-posting their children’s first day of school or people posting their latest doggie pic well now with just one click we now have the new found freedom to take a huge dump on the moment they chose to share with us. I understand where this need to create an option like this derived from, and it’s because everyone who has access to a phone or the internet has gotten into heated arguments online. Everyone from a elementary school level to my grandmother is Yelping ,tweeting, snapping and IGing at people they know and also to complete strangers. Facebook has caught on. As a person who is out there in the media I have caught my own dosage of the “Mean Tweets”. I want to also brag to you that I didn’t even respond… But that would be a big fat Lie.

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david kissing ass
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When I was a kid and made a rude comment to another child at school I was faced with the instant consequences of that mean statement. Either the the receiver of the mean comment would end up  getting very upset and I immediately felt terrible about it and  as a result, I learned right away the consequences of my actions. Or … The kid got very mad and you and him/her got into a fight usually involving parents, teachers, or even friends. So the moral of the story is that in the past you had the cause and immediate effect of your verbal communication with another. That’s my generation, I quickly learned that if you don’t have anything nice to say that is uplifting don’t say anything at all. Now with that said, if you see my respond tweets that I wrote after appearing live on HLN’s “The Daily Share” I just couldn’t hold it in and my old school mentality kicked in “I need to confront this person now”!, I thought. After I did they backed down quickly and even became friendly. This taught me a lesson. Wow, these people at home don’t know me. It’s not personal and they are probably bored. Also, I shouldn’t have answered back but the reason I felt  I NEEDED to respond was because of one tiny monster, my ego! My ego was screaming how dare they go there…. I need to nicely let them know they can’t mess with me. But frankly I didn’t. It wasn’t necessary. About a year ago my morning radio show got into a  war with another morning NYC radio show where they thought we stole a bit from them and their fans went after us with nasty tweets and Facebook posts of horrific nature and messages. I was called a “Cum Bucket”… (Didn’t even know that was a word combination that could be used in real life)  A half -breed, I was sent pictures of dead babies with attached messages saying “these are you future children”. Gaping butt-holes of women and men. The Harrasment went on for months! It was my first taste of fame and it was awful! So the takeaway is this stop being an asshole online because you’re bored.The mean tweets and messages  you are putting out there is nasty negative energy and it’s going to come back to you with a vengeance. Just because you didn’t get a rise out of the person you tweet or IG doesn’t mean that you aren’t inviting that kind of behavior into your own life ten-fold.If you spent that energy improving yourself instead of tearing others down the world would be a much better and happier place.