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How I transformed my body !!!

6ACEDFA9-4C8C-47C4-B088-FF112699E3CBI have learned so much about myself and what is truly possible to achieve and accomplish this year with your mind/body/and spirit. They are a three headed dragon that cannot be separated. They are interconnected and if you neglect one of them the other will suffer and you will feel off balanced. Meditate because miracles will happen. Eat right you will feel more centered and exercise because it’s a moving meditation where you connected with yourself and also become more present and grounded. Thanks @chrishaydenphoto for this beautiful shot! #npcbikini #npc #npcsummerclassic #npceastcoast …….Never ever say you can’t!! If your mind can conceive it…it can achieve it!!! I have always loved fitness but did not know how to eat. I would under eat and my body held on to fat…I was also afraid of carbs…a meal plan…That was the missing link!! I was like a hamster on a wheel for years and years and years!! With a great coach @roblopez34 who changes your meal plan and workouts according to your body, you are guaranteed to be successful!! Don’t give up on what u want to accomplish in your life!! It’s too short to waste!! #getit #fitness #NPCbikini #bikini #abs #muscleegg #carbsaregood #prep #weightlossjourney #fitness #fitnessmotivation #abs #bikinigirl #npc #npcbikini5C61FA7F-5F1F-412C-A26E-970E7F5C76C8 232324BA-3648-49F9-875C-E372B7D72864 E742F5AF-5CDD-401C-ACD2-69A9B7E968D8


5 Traveling Tips which will keep you Sane

1) Save on Booking Your Flight! Spend Wisely

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When planning your next much needed get away wouldn’t it be nice to save some money on your airfare? Well here is a little tip that you may not know. Domestic flights on Tuesdays and Wednesday’s are less expensive than any other day of the week. Most people are unaware of this little unknown fact and instead opt to travel Friday and Saturday when airfare is at a premium. So instead of giving this money away to the airlines put it in your pocket and spoil yourself. Splurge and treat yourself to a relaxing massage on the beach or a lovely dinner. My fiancé Josh is a sound supervisor on TV shows and his career has him traveling all the time. I try to visit him as much as possible so I am always looking to get the best deal available to me!

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