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Finally, No More Cellulite!!!


 It is a fact 9 out of 10 women have cellulite. Now, if you are that 1 out of 10 that don’t have it, “Congrats” and never ever invite me to the beach with you. Now for those fighting the good fight with me, lets chat about it. We have tried everything…Creams, gels,wraps and procedures oh my!! Drink a gallon of water daily, do 3 hours of cardio every morning, lift heavy weights, all protein no carbs, only whole grain carbs, hot yoga religiously, the sauna, the steam room, the foam roller, Endermologie, No butter, no oil, no meat, only veggies! I have tried it all and just ended up feeling like a hamster on a wheel.I would have abs,yes, but also with good old side of cellulite on my hips. I just didn’t get it and I was very frustrated, until… I did mesotherapy! Mesotherapy is a technique that was invented in France where injections were put into the mesoderm, which is the layer right under your skin before the muscle, and basically, the medication you inject into the that part of your skin determines your results.The higher quality concoction of drugs, amino acids, and multivitamins the more effective it will be. It was invented by Dr. Michel Pistor in 1964 and originally he did it because he wanted to put pain medication in the area of the pain instead of taking a pill that has to go through your whole body to get the determined area. But later on in the 70s and 80s mesotherapy became more of a beauty treatment in France for Cellulite. It then spread into Europe and then into the South American countries.It came to America but many plastic surgeons didn’t approve of it because it was an alternative to Liposuction which dug into their pockets.They bashed it… and it sort of went away.Except for a select few that still practiced the method.The doctor that I went to is located on Park Ave in NYC and her name is Dr Marion Shapiro. She studied the technique in France and didn’t let those naysayers deter her from realizing women’s beauty goals.if you decide to do it please make sure the person doing it is skilled in the practice because if you don’t get the right amounts and combinations of medicine, it could be disastrous. There are side effects to mesotherapy mostly bruising, but if you go to someone who isn’t a professional you can get an infection or not even know the medications that the are using. She used a gun called a pistor (from France) and it is attached to a tiny superficial needle designed for cellulite and fat. There is a bit of pain involved and for your viewing pleasure I have recorded the procedure and included before and after pictures.

Mesotherapy is a straight up miracle.I have never been severely overweight except for that one time after a breakup where I ate my feelings for a bit. I lost that weight and never looked back. I have always been skinny fat though even at my thinest 104 lbs at 5 feet 2 inches I still had those annoying bumps on my hips and thighs… except after I did a series of mesotherapy. I had 5 sessions and these are the results. I did them once every two weeks 5 times and I swear the fat just melted.I did it before I went on a Mexican vacation with my financè. I cannot stress how great it felt to walk around without feeling self conscious about my thighs. I felt so free to even run around the pool and beach without the angst and fear of cellulite ruining my pictures and or social media posts.