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Manifesting your Dream Life with the Law of Attraction

UnknownLooking back and being a full time student of manifesting the life of your dreams…I posted a picture of a dress I saw on a model that I thought was adorable. When I saw it I appreciated it, it made me feel good and I thought wow it’s so pretty I want to post it. I never looked at the brand nor ever even looked for it anywhere.Fast forward a year later I was on an Australian site doing some late night shopping and saw this dress for $30! I thought it was cute and bought it without even realizing it was the same dress I thought was adorable a year before. I interviewed @leonardodicaprio and the first thing he said was “wow, great dress!” And I responded, “thank you so much I got it on sale”. I didn’t realize it was the same dress until I posted my interview pictures and looked back my old posts! I was like oh man! This is the law of attraction! U see something!!! U like it!!! U don’t really become obsessed on getting it (if you do you are focusing on the lack of not having it and it’s actually repelling it bc ur focused on the lack of it not being in your life)! So if u want something to manifest…like, love and appreciate it…let it go and let the universe bring it to you. If you’re aligned with it…it must come to you because it is a universal law! #lawofattraction #manifest #thesecret #attract #rosienoesi #npc #lawofattraction #manifest #thesecret #attract #rosienoesi #npc #npcbikini#leonardoDiCaprio #Titanic #xenia #xeniadress