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This is How My Feet Make Me Thousands of Dollars

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WHAT: Shoe modeling is an amazing way to make extra cash while breaking into the entertainment platform. As a size 6 shoe I never thought that my feet were ever going to make me any money but they do! You see, shoe companies need small feet to showcase their new season’s shoe lines for the buyers that come in to buy the newest stock for their stores.

WHY:The benefits of becoming a shoe model are many. First off, they feed you breakfast and lunch and snacks along the day. The second most convenient part about shoe modeling is that its only 4 weeks a year so its not all year round giving you plenty of time to take on other projects. Third why its so great because they also let you keep some of the shoe samples that don’t make it into the season’s collection. Free food and shoes!!! SCORE

HOWThe pay is truly amazing. They pay $450 a day from 9-5. If you are needed before 9am or after 5pm you get $75 overtime per hour and sometimes I end up taking home $550 a day. I usually work a 4 day work week and the take home pay is $1,500 to $1,800 a week.They also reimburse your mani/pedi which is a great perk!

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TIPS:Well I lucked out because my friend who couldn’t commit to a shoe show and luckily knew that I was a size 6 shoe passed my information onto her shoe modeling agency. Yes, there are shoe modeling agencies, and not even a week later I was sent out on “go sees” (basically auditions for my feet) and the shoe companies checked out if your particular brand fits your feet and ankles correctly.They had you walk with the shoes on and if you fit the description they are asking for and you don’t fall on your face while walking in the shoes, your golden!

Seastarstalent.com is the Agency I belong to.

TIPS: My advice for someone wanting to get into this field is know your brand. They usually have a specific look they want for example, olive skin and long haired girl, all American look, or Urban look. I myself wouldn’t try to go for a gig which doesn’t correlate with my look. Also if your foot is jacked up… shoe modeling is not for you. Its a fun job with many perks so if you are able to break into the industry just enjoy the ride.


I never could have imagined my toes could support me

INVESTMENT: No investment except for the initial manicure pedicure you need for your “Go see” but don’t forget to bring your smile when meeting the shoe companies.