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Stop recreating the same day over and over again! Your energy is ur GOLD! Cherish it and don’t waste it! If u are thinking about what you have to do today, as soon as you wake up…your energy goes to the future (less energy for u in the now) if you start thinking about those who have wronged you…or upset you in the past!! BAM, congratulations you played yourself because the past is now robbing you from the potential energy that you could be harnessing into creating the new life you want to lead today. Start your day off by doing your morning meditation!! This clears ur mind of all of the mental garbage that comes in…without this first step and by having your energy out there in the past and future, how do you expect to achieve new dreams now… with split scattered energy. Your assigning all of those unhealed emotions on people,times of disappointment, and events(past and future)!! 🤷‍♀️ take back your power by putting your focus on the what could I do now that will create the life I want to live now that will spill into my future dream life!! #presentmoment #liveintheNOW #thepowerofNow #charleston #southcarolina #charlestonsc #kundalini #kundalinienergy #yogi Bhajan


 December 11th, 2018  
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