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Life is perception!! 👀 How YOU see things… we have a positive/negative/ and a neutral mind. Balance is key…too negative, you create pessimism and therefore your creativity suffers. Too positive, although a good trait, can make a person a big dreamer without grounded reality on what could possible go wrong which can hinder success. A neutral mind is so important so you can see things for what they are and make non-reactive, rational, and informed decisions without fear or unrealistic results! So balance is absolutely the key…remember what you see in this world becomes your reality!! You have the power!!! No one is going to give it you!! Therefore, GO GET YOUR LIFE… achieve all your dreams anything you want IS possible!! Your heart and soul would never be so cruel to make you have desires,experiences, and things you don’t have the mental power and energy to achieve!! #lawofattraction #kundaliniyoga #thescienceofgettingrich #NapolianHill #yogibhajan #kundalinienergy #charleston #charlestonsc

 December 12th, 2018  
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